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English Instructions for Registering on Pushy Forum

In order to ask questions in the forum, you must first register. Here are the instructions on how to do so:

Go to In the upper right corner, under Pushy iPhone, click on the word Registrieren

Near the bottom of the page that will open up, click on the first of the three blue, underlined sentences, which reads as follows:
Ich bin mit den Konditionen dieses Forums einverstanden und über oder exakt 12 Jahre alt.
This translates to, “I accept the conditions of this forum, and am at least twelve years old.”

When the next page opens, there are many fields, but you need to complete only the following:

Benutzername -- This will be your user name in the forum.

E-Mail-Addresse -- The e-mail account you will use

Passwort --- The password you will use to enter the forum

Passwort bestatigen -- Repeat the password you just entered.

Next, enter the code you see in the shaded box.

No boxes need to be completed in the next section.

In the big section entitled Einstellungen, which means Adjustments, you can leave all default settings as shown, with one exception----in the box that is fourth from the bottom, labeled Board-Sprache, change it from German to English.

Finally, in the shaded area at the bottom, click on Absenden, which means Send.

Soon you will receive an e-mail that must be opened, requiring you to click on a link. This will activate your membership in the forum.

Then, when you go to you can login as you would on any site, by entering your User Name (Benutzername) and Password (Passwort). After doing so, click on Login, and you will be in the Forum. There you will find forums for the different types of Pushy games, with Pushy iPhone (German / English) near the top. Depending on what Level you are on, click on the category you want, making sure you select the one that has (English) after the Level numbers.

Just about everything should be in English, with the exception of the buttons to post a question, or answer one.
Along the left side, near the bottom, look for a button with blue and orange letters, saying neusthema (new theme, or question). Click on that to post a question in the forum.

To answer someone’s question, click on antwort erstellen (answer a thread), which is in the bottom left corner of the page, next to neusthema. After typing your answer, click Submit.

To return to the Category you are in (such as Level 1 - 50), click on < Level 1-50 (English), for example. To return to the main Pushy Forum window and change categories, click on Pushy iPhone in the upper right corner.

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Dear Forum-User,

please check out if there is still a thread to your question bevor starting
to create a new one. This will help to make this forum stay clearly.
Thank you.


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